Create an Event

Now you’ve set up your plugin to your needs, it’s now time to add some events.

Head over to the MDJM Events menu and click on Create Event. I’ve done this guide with screenshots as it’s a lot easier to explain.

The Create Event screen is broken down into 7 parts:

  • Event Name
  • Event Overview
  • Administration
  • Transactions
  • Event History
  • Event Status (right widget)
  • Event Tasks (right widget)

Event Name

This is the upmost top box where you can put the name of the event in. If you leave it blank, it will give the name of the Event Type you set further down.

Event Name

Event Overview

In the Event Overview, there are 3 sub-elements to look at. The Client Details, the Event Details and Pricing.

Client Details

This is where all your client details are entered and will be the type of quote you want to send them. If you are using the Dynamic Contact Forms extension, the client details will be automatically populated (once you’ve set up your contact form).

Let’s look at the different fields:

  • Client – This is a pre-defined list of clients that have already booked with you in the past. Don’t worry, this list will get bigger.
  • Disable Emails – This tick box disables sending emails to the client – not recommended to tick this as once ticked, it cannot be undone.
  • Reset Password – This tick box resets your client’s password to access the Client Area. This is recommended if you are adding a new client.
  • Quote Template – This will be the email sent to the client of their quote for them to review. They will be able to login to the Client Zone and accept this.
  • Online Quote – This is the quote that is visible to the client once they have logged in. The status needs to be in Enquiry state to be able to view the quote online. You can set the online quotes up in the Email Templates area.

If you are adding a new client, at the top right hand corner of the Client Details box is a little option that’ll say Show client form. Click on that and the box will expand giving you details to fill out Client details.

Show Client Form

The text boxes are pretty self explanatory however, the compulsory ones are First Name and Email.

Event Details

The Event Details box is the key box as it holds all the details needed for a particular event.

The different fields on this one are:

  • DJ – This will be based on what you refer your employees to. It’s a dropdown box with a list of their names. You set these up in the Employees section.
  • Event Type – Another dropdown which lets you select the type of event the client is having. You are able to add event types if there are any missing.
  • Contract – Here you select the type of contract you want to send to your client. You may have different contracts for different types of events. If you want to add more contracts, read our guide.
  • Venue – This is where you select the venue. Same as the Client name, this list will get populated as you build up a database. There are two additional fields where you can Enter Manually or Use Client Address. If you select Enter Manually, an extension to the form will be visible allowing you to enter the Venue details manually.
  • Date – This is the date of the start of the event. Click the box and a calendar will appear.
  • End – This is the date of the end of the event. Click the box and a calendar will appear.
  • Setup – This is the date required to set up the equipment. Click the box and a calendar will appear.
  • Start – Start time of the event. For effective use of the Google Calendar extension, use 24hr time.
  • End – End time of the event. Like the start time, use 24hr time.
  • Setup – Setup time of the event. If you’ve set up a default time in the Settings, the Setup time will automatically populate.
  • Package – Select the most appropriate package for this party. If you have none, don’t worry about it. If you have a price of the package set, this will automatically add to the pricing table further down.
  • Addons