Contract & Email Templates

We’re now at the stage where we can set up templates. We’ll start with Contract Templates.

When you are logged in to your wp-admin site, hover over the MDJM Events menu and click on Contract Templates. There is already one there that comes with the plugin, feel free to change it however, any updates to the plugin may revert your changes so it’s always best to create a new template, and copy and paste from the one already there.

If you want to add a new one, click on Add Contract Template.

When the template loads, you’re able to type in your own contract. The contracts are so flexible you could add every single shortcode we have to it.

Once you’ve set up a contract, make sure you save it, then hover over the MDJM Events menu and click on Email Templates.

You maybe wondering where the templates are from the article Emails & Templates in the Getting Started section, this is where they are.

We currently have 7 templates for you already set up, however you may want to add your own or tweak the current ones to suit your needs.

Like the contract templates, they are fully customisable with MDJM Shortcodes.