Setting up Employees

Remember in the Settings we said you can have more than one Employee? This is where you set them up…

You have to make sure that the I am an employer button is ticked. Also, if you’re a one-person show, you can still enable this feature as it’s easier to set up employees this way and edit your own settings.

As always, head to the wp-admin area of your site, hover over either the top menu or left menu of MDJM and click on Employees.

The main area on the left is a list of your employees and the Role(s) they hold. You can add more roles by using the widget on the top right. Just enter the new role and click the Add Role button.

To add an Employee, fill out the details on the bottom right widget and select their Primary Role then click on Add Employee button.

If you want to change the details that an Employee can see, you can do this by clicking on the Permissions tab at the top. There are 10 areas to choose from for you to give permissions to relevant roles. Ticking on the MDJM Admin button for a role will allow them to change the settings for the MDJM Events plugin so be careful.