Configuring the Plugin – Events

Once you’ve set up the general settings, click on the Events tab.

Event Settings

  • Event Prefix – The prefix you enter here will be added to each unique event, contract and invoice ID.
  • Hide Inactive Events? – Tick box that determines whether to hide inactive events within the “All” view on the events screen.
  • I am an Employer – Tick this if you employ more than just yourself. If ticked, it will add another option to the menu to add, edit or delete employees.
  • Refer to the performer as – The default is DJ however, set this to whatever you want it to be.
  • Setup Time – The default time added to the beginning of the event. Set this is the number of minutes.
  • Default Contract – Currently set to General. Once you add more contracts, you can change the default contract type.
  • New Enquiry Notification – Tick box that allows you to choose if you want to show an Unattended Enquiry notification at the top of the admin page.
  • Default Order By – Four options to choose from: Event Date, Contract ID, Creation Date, Total Cost
  • Default Order – Options to choose from are Ascending or Descending of the option set above.
  • Set Client Inactive? – Set a client to inactive when their event is cancelled, rejected or marked as a failed enquiry and they have no other upcoming events.
  • Enable Journaling? – Highly recommended this is left on. This will track all client and event actions. These can be viewed on the relevant event.

Playlist settings

  • Enable Event Playlists by Default? – Tick box to enable or disable the playlist feature. This can be overridden per event.
  • Playlist Limit? – Set a playlist limit for each event – leave at 0 for no limit.
  • Close the playlist – The number of days to close the playlist before the event starts. Leave this at 0 to never close the playlist.
  • Upload Playlists? – Tick box to enable or disable uploads of your clients Playlist to the MEM servers. Only the Artist, Song and event type are sent.

Packages & Add-ons

  • Enable Packages – Check the box to enable packages – Enabling this will show a new menu item in the MEM plugin menu.
  • Description Length – The maximum number of characters for the package/addon description. Entering 0 will render the full excerpt if it exists, otherwise the description.
  • Add Contact Button?If you use the Dynamic Contact Forms add-on, the package/addon will be auto selected on page load.
  • Text for Contact Button – Text to display on your Contact button.

Travel Settings

  • Google API Code – You need this (from version 1.7.3) to make the travel settings work correctly. To do this, follow this guide
  • Add Travel Cost to Price? – If selected, the travel cost will be added to the overall event cost.
  • Primary Post/Zip Code – When the primary employee has no address in their profile, this post code will be used to calculate the distance to the venue.
  • Event Status – CTRL (cmd on MAC) + Click to select which event status’ can have travel costs updated.
  • Calculate in? – Miles or KM
  • Cost per miles – Enter the cost per mile that should be calculated. Use decimal for pennies.
  • Round Cost – Do you want to round the cost up or down?
  • Round to nearest – Round to the nearest value you put in the text box.
  • Don’t add if below – This won’t add the travel costs if the event is closer than the value you’ve inputted.

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