Creating Packages and Add-Ons

So, we’ve got the clients, we’ve got the employees and different event types and sources, now we need (not necessarily) packages and add-ons.

When you’ve logged in to your infamous wp-admin page, hover over the MDJM Events menu and click on Packages. Can’t see Packages? No problem, follow this guide.

By default, there won’t be any packages there which is fine as we’re going to make one. Click on the Add Package at the top of the page.

When the page loads, type in a name for your package at the top then in the bigger box below it, type in the description of the package. It’s good to be quite descriptive here as you can display this publicly on your site.

Availability is a good option to choose as some Employees might not have the necessary equipment or you might find the equipment a bit “too much” for a kids party. You can also select the months of the year the package is available – great for seasonal Employees.

Ignore the items bit for now, we’ll come back to that later.

Pricing options allows you to set a fixed price for the package. You can also set a price for certain months of the year – you don’t have to set a price for every month, just the “peak” months like July/August and December. If you set prices for certain months, the other months will use the default package price you’ve just set.

The excerpt is an optional field associated to a Post. Most of the time, it is used as the Post summary. These will only be displayed if your Theme allows them.

You can also add categories to packages too so if you have more than one package, you can assign these to a category.


Add-ons are another great feature we’ve implemented. The way you set them up is exactly the same way as the Packages, except there is no Items box.

Once you’ve added a few add-ons, this is where the Items box in the Packages area comes in to use. You can go back to the package you want to assign the Add-On to and select from the drop down list that’s auto-populated from the list of created Add-Ons.