Configuring the Plugin – General

Now you have the Plugin installed, let’s get you configured.

1. Over on the left, hover over the MDJM Events plugin and click on the yellow “Settings” option.
2. The first tab you’ll be presented with is the General tab with the following options:

Application Settings

  • Company Name – Type in your company name here
  • Time Format – Can be 12 hour or 24 hour clock
  • Short Date Format – Set between d/m/Y, m/d/Y or Y/m/d.
  • Unload Font Awesome? – Some of the icons and buttons use Font Awesome – you can decide whether or not to disable the icons by ticking this check box.
  • Display Credits? – Tick box for you to display whether or not to display our credits on your Client Area.
  • Remove Data on Uninstall? – Tick box for you to choose if you want MDJM to delete everything if you uninstall the plugin – this includes, but is not limited to, events, transaction history, customers, emails and pages.

Debug Settings

  • Enable Debugging – Tick box for you to enable debugging. Only should be ticked if we ask you to tick it.
  • Maximum Log File Size – Currently set to 2MB to allow your log files to grow to before you receive a warning.
  • Display Warning if Over Size – Tick box that will display a notice and allow removal and recreation of log files
  • Auto Purge Log Files – If selected, log files will be auto-purged when they reach the value of the Maximum Log File Size, set above.