What is a Shortcode?

A shortcode is a way of simplifying and hiding complex code with very little effort from you. MDJM includes a number of shortcodes, all of which are listed below.

Page Shortcodes

The following shortcodes are used to generate the content for pages within the Client Zone.

Displays the Client Zone home page. If not logged in, a login form is presented. Upon login, if the client has multiple events, an events list will be displayed with various actions available and a link to more detailed event information.

If the client only has a single event, the event details are displayed in full with various actions available dependant upon the event status.

Generates the event contract page within the Client Zone. It is not recommended to have a menu link to this page.

When an event is in the correct status, an action button is displayed on the Client Zone home page. If the event is not yet confirmed, the action button links through to provide the client with the option to digitally sign. If already signed, the signed contract is displayed.

Generates the payments page. It is not recommended to have a menu link to this page.

A link to this page is provided on the Client Zone home page if you have a Payment Gateway add-on installed and enabled. Without a gateway, this page serves no purpose.

This page allows clients to make payments towards their events with all payments being fully recorded and registered against the event.

Generates a page for the client to update their details, such as name and address as well as their password.

Generates the event playlist page. It is not recommended to have a menu link to this page.

Clients can access this page to add songs to their event playlist. A guest can also access this page via the {guest_playlist_url} content tag to suggest songs for the playlist which can be reviewed by the client.

If the playlist is closed per event settings due to the event date being imminent, clients can review entries but not add new ones. Guests will no longer have access to suggest songs.

Generates the online quote for an event rendering the template created that contains the content for the quote. It is not recommended to have a menu link to this page.

Clients can accept the quotation which will trigger an update of the event status to Awaiting Contract.

Function Shortcodes

The following shortcodes are available for additional functions and output.

Renders the availability checker. An overview of this shortcode and its options can be viewed here.

Renders a list of the available equipment add-ons you have configured.

This shortcode has a number of configurable options available;

Whether or not to filter the add-ons. Accepted options are categorypackageuser, or false
Default: false

If filter_by is set, enter the value you want to filter by. For example, to filter for an employee with a user ID of 1, enter 1.
Default: false

How to display the list. Accepted options are p for a paragraph, or li for a bulleted list
Default: p

Whether or not to output the description of the add-on if it has been provided (true)
Default: false

Whether or not to output the cost of the add-on (true)
Default: false

The CSS class to be applied to the add-on name
Default: empty

The CSS class to be applied to the add-on cost
Default: empty

The CSS class to be applied to the add-on description
Default: empty

Renders a login form for clients to access the Client Zone. This shortcode is not used by default within MDJM but is provided in the event that you wish to place a login form somewhere outside the Client Zone.

There is a single configurable option for this shortcode.

The full URL of a page that you want the user redirected to upon successful login
Default: empty (redirect to Client Zone home page}