Setting up Clients

There are two ways of setting up clients. One is automatically done using the Dynamic Contact Form extension or by manually adding them in by using the Clients page on the MDJM Portal.

When you’ve logged in to your wp-admin area of your site, hover over the MDJM Events menu on the top, highlight Clients and then click on Add Client.

As you can see, the fields are pretty self explanatory. When you come to the Role dropdown, you need to select either Client or Inactive Client. Incorrectly setting the wrong role could lead to problems.

Custom Fields

If there are any custom fields you would like to add, hover over the MDJM Events menu at the top, highlight Clients then click on Custom Client Fields.

If you want to add a client field, use the widget on the right hand side to add a field. If you want it compulsory to be filled out, make sure you tick the Required Field box. Make sure you also tick on the Field Enabled box to make it live back on the Add Client page.

Any pre-set fields already there can’t be deleted. Any fields you set up can be deleted. You can also edit any of the pre-set fields by clicking the blue Edit button next to the relevant field.