Dynamic Contact Forms

As a pre-requisite for this extension, you need Mobile Events Manager 1.4.5 or higher. It’s also recommended you have an SSL certificate on your website too as you are handling client data. A Privacy Policy on how you use and store the data is a must too (there are plugins to help you with this). Ah, you’ll also need Google ReCaptcha V3 (NOT V2) or ReCaptcha Enterprise (this one charges you though).

Installing the Plugin

  1. Login to your WordPress administration screen and select the “Plugins” -> “Add New” from the menu
  2. Select “Upload Plugin” from the top of the main page
  3. Click “Choose File” and select the mdjm-dynamic-contact-forms.zip file you downloaded
  4. Click “Install Now”
  5. Once installation has finished, select “Activate Plugin”
  6. Once activation has completed, MDJM DCF will be fully integrated with Mobile DJ Manager (when you set it up)

Creating your first form

  1. Hover over the MDJM Events menu and select Contact Forms at the bottom of the menu.
  2. Select Add Contact Form at the top of the screen.
  3. Before you add any fields, give the form a title then click on Publish.
  4. When the form has reloaded, you can start adding fields onto your form. All the customisable fields in the plugin are able to be added to the contact form, including any custom fields you have set up. You can only map each field once so don’t be alarmed if the option isn’t there, check where your fields are mapped to. Each field type has different settings too so keep an eye on them. NB if you use packages and addons, the packages must be listed before the addons in order for the ajax to work correctly.
  5. Once you’ve added all your fields, you then need to configure the settings. The settings ONLY apply to the form you are working on. For the client emails to work, you MUST have an email address field in the form and it be mapped correctly to Client Email Address.
  6. To put the form into a webpage, copy and paste the short-code from the top of the page (it’ll look something like [mdjm-contact-form id=”147″]) into the page where you want your contact form.
  7. You are also able to move fields up and down the page by clicking and holding the drag handle on the left of the field name and dragging to where you want the field to be.