Configuring the Plugin – Payments

We’re nearly there. This one is the Payments tab.

Payment Settings

Gateway Settings

This will only show options if you have our Stripe extension and take payments on your site.

  • Payment Gateways – This will have Stripe as a default for now.
  • Default Gateway – This gateway will be loaded automatically with the payments page. If set to Disabled, clients will get the choice of the options ticked above (Currently only Stripe).

Currency Settings

  • Currency – Choose from an array of different currencies. If yours is not there, let us know.
  • Currency Position – Where to display the currency symbol. Before Price, After Price – both options also allow a space between the currency and amount.
  • Decimal Separator – The symbol to separate decimal points. (Usually . or ,)
  • Thousands Separator – Usually a comma. Leave blank for nothing.

Deposit Settings

  • Deposit’s are – Fixed Price or Percentage of total cost? You can even set it to Not required.
  • Deposit Amount – If your Deposit’s are a percentage enter the value (i.e 20). For fixed prices, enter the amount in the format 0.00.
  • Wait for Deposit – Wait for Deposit to be paid before the booking confirmation is issued.

Payment Form Settings

  • Payment Label – Display name of the label shown to clients to select the payment they wish to make.
  • Label for Other Amount – Enter your desired label for the other amount radio button.
  • Payment Button Text – The text you want to appear on the Payment Form submit button.
  • Default Other Amount – Enter the default amount to be used in the Other Amount field.

Tax Settings

  • Enable Taxes? – Check if you want to enable taxes.
  • Apply Tax As – Percentage or Fixed Rate
  • Tax Rate – If you apply tax based on a fixed percentage (i.e. VAT) enter the value (i.e 20). For fixed rates, enter the amount in the format 0.00. Taxes will only be applied during checkout.

Payment Types

  • Payment Types – Currently defaulted to BACS, Cash, Cheque, PayPal, PayFast, Stripe, Other. You can add more if you wish. You can also delete too.
  • Default Payment Type – Populated from the Payment Type above. If you’ve added options, you need to Save Changes first to bring up the new payment type in the dropdown list.

Employee Payments

  • Enable Employee Payments – Enable this option to be able to record employee wage payments for Events. You are able to set the amount they receive under each separate event.
  • Payment Statuses – CTRL (cmd on MAC) + Click to select event status’ that an event must be at before employee payments can be made. Set to Completed by default.
  • Pay when Event Completes – Enable this option to automatically pay employees once an Event completes.


  • Manual Payment Receipt – Select an email template to be sent as a receipt to clients when you manually log a payment.

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