Automated Tasks

Here at MDJM we’ve made things a bit easier for you by creating some automated tasks. To get there hover over the MEM Events menu and click on Automated Tasks.

We’ve created 7 tasks for you – we hope they are flexible enough for you however, if you think you could benefit from another automated task, please do log a ticket.

If you hover over a task, you’re able to edit, Activate/Deactivate or Run Now (only if the task is activated). When you edit a task, you are able to set the frequency on how often it runs, the description and name of the task and when you want to run the task whether in hours, days, weeks, months or even years. Some tasks won’t allow certain time frames.

Also, some tasks will have Email options. You set the template, the subject and who the email comes from and if the task is active, that certain task will automatically trigger the email to send too.